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My name is Donna Marie Duffield; I was born in 1975 and i have spent the last 22yrs helping people. Completing two degrees in the area of Psychology (BSc and MSc) and a diploma in Health and Fitness i teach people how to achieve what i would call ‘total health’; mind, body and spiritual health. The qualifications and my experience whilst definitely important in my teaching and work as a therapist, in my opinion the effectiveness of my work is primarily derived from walking my talk - I lived every moment of it. 



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Donna Duffield Laws of Life


Donna is a lady and great at her job she is so encouraging and has helped me to tone up and lose weight for my special day she is an inspiration and has also helped me to kick bad eating habits I eat healthy food now and no more rubbish foods thanks Donna ur a friend for life.

Sonja McCartney

This wonderful lady got me from a very unhealthy and very miserable size 16 to a fit, healthy and happy size 10 and has given me the knowledge and support to not only maintain my weight but also to find my own strength to make so many positive changes to my life. I don't know what I would have done without you Donna. Love you so much x x x

Jody Brewer

She is a wonderful lady with a very special heart that gives you a huge positive feeling about yourself and your future...gives you the key to rebelieve in yourself agian.

Maher Samy

To start is a beautiful woman with the aspects and her tips are very well planned always brings something good to Asher. Very well!!!! Ok muaa. (Mexico)

Israel Herrera

What can I say about this wonderful lady she has changed my life around better eating habits healthy life style and what she done for my mind set is beyond words for the first time in years I belive and like me for me all because of donna I have a long road ahead but I now belive and trust this lady to take me through this journey thank you donna x

John Gilmartin

5 out 5. Exceptional lady. Dedicated to everything she does to help others. Good luck with this new venture and succeed you will. Thank you for your help over the years and your great friendship.

Doreen Fogarty Willis

What I Do

Laws of Life

In Laws of Life, author Donna Duffield shares a collection of these laws so that life will eventually become a moment to moment joy rather than a daily chore to endure.

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Donna Duffield Laws of Life

Video therapy is a convenient and affordable way for you to access psychological help anywhere in the world without needing to travel to appointments.

Upcoming Seminars


I hold seminars through Ireland and the UK. Some of these can be booked through the centres where the take place. Others can be booked through this site. 

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In my opinion the effectiveness of my work is primarily derived from walking my talk – I lived every moment of it.

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