My work

I give talks and run courses on understanding the human condition – primarily the causes and solutions to suffering and how to create well-being within yourself as a normal every day state.

On a one-to-one I deal specifically with the specific conditions which the individual is struggling with.

I help you identify the problem, the cause and the solution. Primarily my aim is always to teach and empower the person to be able to understand how to be their own therapist to such a degree that regardless of the challenge which inevitably will come they will always be able to resolve and desolve it themselves.  Most people who engage in counselling can be going once a week for months and some times years. With my technique 1-3 sessions is usually all that’s needed.

I have written three books on the laws of life. This is a trilogy set that will enable the reader to understand how life works in accordance to simple laws. These books are a teaching manual to help you train the mind to work for you rather than against you. They will help create peace as a natuural state and wisdom to solve any challenges that may arise. When the mind works properly it can be your most powerful tool but when it is dysfumcyional it can literally create misery and destruction within and without as it has and does for most of society.

These books are for anyone whose mind isn’t doing as it’s told; now is thus the time to make it your sevant rather than your master.

The first book ‘The laws of Life’ which is already out in print sets out to show you how to see these laws. The power of these laws is the fact that they are based on truth and therefore carry energy that will literally change the way you perceive your self, you life and everyday events. Essentially the book is reprogramming your mind which in turn changes how you feel and experience the world around you. The idea is based on the principle that wellbeing is not determined by your circumstances but how you see your circumstances. It is an extremly powerful book that if you are ready will transform you and your life not just momentarily but permentantly.

The second book ‘The laws of Life’ An in-depth analysis is as the title suggests a much deeper understanding of the laws according to how I developed them within my own experience and how you apply them.

 The third book ‘The laws of love’ The Gift was developed to teach people how to unearth the natural feeling of love already in the body as your foundation. Once this is felt and lived all relationships will be harmonious and healthy. Love is the most sort after and important feeling we can have as a human. When this is felt naturally not only are you happy and full of life but you can do no harm within or without. This book in particular i consider ‘a gift’ not only for yourself but for anyone you know. Included are original pieces of art work by a woman who has been working on herself for many years and thus comes from a place of pure intentions. The words with in it are not only powerful and there purly to help you but the art work is also full of their unique energy with the power to make you reflect and question that which needs to come to the survace within you.

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In my opinion the effectiveness of my work is primarily derived from walking my talk – I lived every moment of it.

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